Saturday, June 11, 2016

Where we'll stay

We're so excited to go back to two of our favorite places, Nong Khiaw (Laos) and Mairood (Thailand) -- and coincidentally, back to two of our favorite hotels anyplace in the world, the Mandala Ou in Nong Khiaw, and Mairood Resort.

First, though, we'll spend a night in Luang Prabang, on the banks of the Nam Kanh:
Villa Ban Lakkham [website]  [tripadvisor]
The next morning we'll head up the rocky, windy road to Nong Khiaw, where we'll stay at the Nam Ou Resort, a place we've dreamed about since our last visit in 2014.

this was the view from our ROOM!
that's the hotel restaurant -- Mandala Ou Resort [website] [tripadvisor]
Our next stop will be on the coast of Thailand in a tiny little fishing village called Mairood.
Saying goodbye on the last day of our previous trip -- such beautiful hotel grounds
Again we'll stay in the house named Upper Heaven -- this is the porch.....
...and this is the view from the porch. Mairood Resort! [website] [tripadvisor]
Before we begin the long trek back home, we'll take our boat trip (because we always have to have a boat trip) to spend three nights at the Seavana Resort on Koh Mak:
Seavana Resort, Koh Mak Island [website] [tripadvisor]
We'll head back to Trat for a night to make the home-going trip a little easier, and stay at the Rimklong Hotel:
Rimklong Hotel [tripadvisor]
We're looking forward to Seavana, our one new place this trip, but I think we're both most excited to return to Nong Khiaw and Mairood, places we have dreamed about going back to.

Because our flights were changed on us, Marc had to do a last-minute redo of the schedule and we'll now have one night in Taipei and one day, so we'll also be staying in CU Hotel Taipei.

CU Hotel [hotel] [TripAdvisor]

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